Information Security Laboratory

Research on Algorithm, Cryptology, and Combinatorics

官大智 教授   Dr. D. J. Guan

Doctoral Students
陳明佑   Ming-You Chen
莊額碩   E-Shuo Zhuang
陳亞萍   Ya-Ping Chen
李京釜   Jing-Fu Li

Master Students
蔡誠祐   Cheng-You Cai
鄭宇軒   Yu-Xuan Zheng
王盈方   Ying-Fang Wang
林正庭   Zheng-Ting Lin

Graduated Students
Doctoral Students
Master Students

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Algorithm --- Data Structure and Algorithms
Cryptology --- Cryptosystems and Cryptanalysis
Network --- Networks and Routing
Protocol --- Cryptographic Protocols
Quantum --- Quantum Information and Quantum Cryptography

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